Advanced Search across Archived Emails in Enterprise Vault alongside Outlook Emails, Files, and SharePoint Data

With the Symantec Enterprise Vault search connector, business workers can leverage X1's award winning interface, including fast-as-you-type search and post-search actions, on content stored in Enterprise Vault. That means a single user-interface to search across both active and archived emails in addition to desktop, file systems, and SharePoint content. This keeps business workers happy and productive with a single-pane-of-glass view to all business critical applications, no matter where it resides. IT is also able to optimize its investment in Enterprise Vault and continue to store more and more information in it.

Search, review and act upon data in Symantec Enterprise Vault in native format

X1 Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault

Business workers drown in a sea of information spread across a wide variety of sources. In an effort to relieve the burden on production email and file servers and to reduce storage costs, many organizations have deployed Symantec’s Enterprise Vault, the leading content archiving platform. With organizations increasingly leveraging Cloud-based email, it gets harder and harder to search across both active and archived email. The result is IT organizations forced to delay archiving policies longer than planned in response to user complaints or frustrated end-users that waste time searching multiple places for critical data.

X1 Enterprise Vault Connector is available for volume purchases only (not for individual sale).


Comprehensive Search

Deep Outlook and Enterprise Vault integration empowers professionals to search across multiple EV Vaults, Outlook email, attachments, Outlook Calendars, and contacts lists.

Enable and Enhance Archiving Policies

X1's interface allows users a seamless transition between Outlook and EV items, enabling IT to pursue aggressive archiving policies and remove items from Exchange.

Powerful Filtering Capabilities

With just a few key strokes, quickly locate and scroll to highlighted search terms in the body of the email, metadata, or the attachment.

User-Centric Interface

Fast-as-you-type search, 50+ refine columns, full fidelity preview, and a catalog of post-search actions retrieve results in the way a business professional recollects information.

Enterprise Vault specific Post-Search Actions

Take immediate action on Enterprise Vault advance search results with Vault specific PSAs like Download, Restore, Open & Print.

Boolean Search Commands

Detailed search specifications—including Boolean, proximity, and keyword—drill down to relevant results in record speed.

Key Advantages

  • Single-pane-of-glass view across active and archived emails, files, attachments and SharePoint data
  • Enables IT to pursue aggressive archiving policies without concern of user complaints about access to information
  • Patented Fast-as-you-type search with Boolean, proximity and keyword searching
  • Seamless search across Outlook and multiple Vaults allows IT to remove email and “shortcuts” from Exchange
  • Application specific refine columns to drill down to your results faster
  • Preview over 500+ file types in native format
  • Post Search Actions - open, edit, email, save and more, without leaving X1
  • Compatible with both standard and virtual desktops

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