Videos & Webinars

X1 Rapid Discovery™
Introductory Video (3 min)

Quickly identify, search, and collect distributed data wherever it resides. Learn more about this powerful tool and to see the product in action.


eDiscovery Demonstration (13 min)

See X1's intuitive interface, powerful speed and comprehensive eDiscovery capabilities while addressing terabytes of file share data, PSTs, SharePoint, Exchange, and other data sources.

SharePoint eDiscovery: Legal Considerations and Best Practices (50 min)

Join attorneys from Reed Smith and X1 in a webinar focused on the challenges and best practices associated with search, preservation and collection from SharePoint sites.

Effectively Remediate Legacy Data (60 min)

Gain practical tips from a panel of industry experts on information management and eDiscovery readiness.

Enterprise eDiscovery & Search in the Cloud (60 min)

Hear from eDiscovery expert Barry Murphy on the current state of cloud adoption and the eDiscovery challenges presented by the cloud.

Enterprise Search

Search that Works

Enterprise Search that Actually Works (60 min)

Join us for a webinar to see how to deploy enterprise search solutions in ways that make both end-users and IT departments happy.

Search Demonstration (13 min)

Search and act upon distributed data whether it resides within traditional or in virtual environments, providing a single "pane of glass" to view all valuable enterprise information.

Amazon Cloud Webinar
Featuring X1 (60 min)

Join host Amazon Web Services, LTech, and X1 for a discussion around user-friendly enterprise search solutions utilizing the AWS cloud.