Lightning-Fast Retrieval of your Emails, Files, and SharePoint Data with X1

X1 Search 8 DiagramX1 revolutionizes the way you retrieve emails, attachments, files and SharePoint data with an award winning interface specifically architected to retrieve results in the way a business professional remembers information. More often than not, professionals forget document names or where they filed a critical email, and spend countless hours sifting frustratingly inaccurate search results generated by a "relevance" algorithm. X1 simplifies search, retrieving results as fast as you type, anywhere in the email, file and SharePoint contents or metadata, empowering professionals to tactically sort through and act upon their information.

X1 Search 8 is the only solution flexible enough for a globalized workforce. Whether working on your office desktop, or logging onto a virtual desktop from a remote location, X1 Search 8 takes the effort out of finding critical documents regardless of where you or your data reside.

Now Available for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI)

X1 is now offering a virtual edition of Search 8, enabling a better virtual desktop experience by providing users the comfortable interface and robust search of traditional X1, with a back-end architecture optimized for a minimal virtual footprint and efficient management of virtual resources.
X1 is a proud member of the Citrix Ready program. Citrix Ready designation is awarded to partners that have successfully met test criteria set by Citrix. X1 gives Citrix’s XenApp customers an added confidence in the compatibility of the joint solution offering.


Fastest Email Search

Deep Outlook integration empowers professionals to sift through tens of thousands of emails and attachments with just a few keystrokes, quickly locating and scrolling to highlighted search terms in the body of the email, metadata, or the attachment.

SharePoint Search

Seamlessly integrate SharePoint into your workflow with native preview of document libraries and lists as well as SharePoint specific post-search actions such as check-in and check-out.

Federated Search

X1 unifies search results, enabling you to preview and act upon information whether stored in an Outlook email, a PDF saved to the network, or a SharePoint site.

User-Centric Interface

Fast-as-you-type search, 50+ Refine Columns, full fidelity preview, and a catalog of post-search actions retrieve results in the way a business professional recollects information.

Boolean Search Commands

Detailed search specifications — including Boolean, proximity, and keyword — drill down to relevant results in record speed.

X1 Search 8 is available for $49.95 per license, with an annual support fee of $19.95. Buy Now >

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Blog Articles

“I am a longtime user and huge fan of your X1 Desktop Search product; I could not survive without it.”
Michael Levitt
Professor of Structural Biology
Stanford University
2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
“X1 Search saves us countless hours of wasted time searching and not finding things. We love the product. Neither Windows Search nor any other product we have tried comes anywhere close to the features, speed or accuracy of X1.”
Ron Nocket
Senior Systems Analyst
Tyco Electronics
“X1 is indispensable. It saves me on average an hour a day, which as a senior executive, is a priceless benefit.”
Robert White
Edgar, Dunn & Company
“X1 Search 8 is great search tool for the desktop, social media, network shares, and SharePoint and Office 365 is blazing fast and uses the native SharePoint search. This week alone X1 has already saved me hours by finding lost emails and documents that Windows 8 search did not locate. And the screen preview is fantastically helpful.”
Jim Ehrenberg
Managing Partner/
Senior SharePoint Architect
SharePoint Pros, Inc.
“As an executive productivity coach, every minute counts for me and my clients. I use X1 every day to manage my work and my schedule, and I teach my clients to do the same. I can't remember life before X1...and I don't want to.”
Jan Wencel
Executive Productivity Coach
Spark Productivity
“I am a practicing attorney and have all of my work indexed. I use X1 every day and could not function at work without it.”
Michael J. Posner
Ward Damon