Ethics of Social Media Discovery: Guidance on Proper Data Collection (60 min)

Social Media is relevant to just about any type of litigation matter. Given the unconventional data collection logistics of this cloud-based evidence, lawyers and their hired consultants can easily run afoul of legal ethics rules, if social media data is collected in an improper manner. Join our live webinar, featuring Ralph Losey, partner of Jackson Lewis LLP, and John Patzakis, President and CEO of X1 Discovery. Hear from these eDiscovery experts who will outline key considerations concerning the legal ethics for social media collections, the law and supporting technology in this area. This activity is approved for MCLE credit in the State of California.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn about recent case law and legal ethics opinions
  • Hear relevant case studies
  • Understand potential pitfalls when seeking to collect social media evidence
  • Learn about emerging best practices for social media discovery

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Ralph Losey
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