Helping Government Agencies Reduce Costs, Better
Leverage IT Investments, and Improve Productivity

Government agencies are mandated to find ways to work smarter, maximize IT investments, and increase ROI. X1 provides government with desktop and enterprise search solutions that make employees more productive and help reduce IT costs to meet those mandates. X1's cloud-deployable enterprise search solution allows agencies to search across both on-premise and cloud-based information with a simple, single-pane-of-glass interface that is quick to learn and easy to use.

Our solutions help government to optimize the investments made in other strategic technologies such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), email archives, and SharePoint. For example, agencies are directed to secure and provide visibility into desktop content. X1 Search, Virtual Edition enables the centralization of user data to meet that directive.

Federal, state and local government agencies use X1's proven solutions to combat information-overload and meet the demands of legal inquiries with our patented, fast and intuitive enterprise search and eDiscovery solutions:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Enablement

Combat Search Frustration

Successful widespread VDI adoption for agencies can be challenging due to end-users' frustration and poor search experience that results from disabling Windows indexing.

There is only one solution on the market that addresses this challenge: X1 Search, Virtual Edition. It fits flexibly into existing agency IT infrastructures, scales easily without requiring massive IT effort, and is easy for end users to learn and use.

Identify & Preserve Information
Fast & Efficiently

Agencies need a simple and efficient way to quickly identify and preserve information in response to lawsuits, FOIA requests, and investigations.

X1 Rapid Discovery's easy to use web interface, federated search capabilities, matter-centric work flow, and high speed culling of up to terabytes of data, transform how legal and IT professionals conduct eDiscovery in the cloud and throughout the enterprise.
Enterprise Search

Increase Business Productivity & ROI

Giving users a single-pane-of-glass to view their most important information (email, files, SharePoint, archives) increases productivity and ROI and reduces impact on agency IT help desk resources.

The combination of X1 Search for fast search of email, file, SharePoint, and email archive content and X1 Rapid Discovery for other enterprise repositories empowers business workers to be truly productive and ensures end users' satisfaction.

Reduce Search Time

Adoption of SharePoint in government is high and growing still. Employees store information in multiple places and get frustrated toggling from email search to Windows explorer to SharePoint search resulting in 35% of their time wasted searching for information with success in finding what they seek only 50% of the time or less.

X1's unrivaled support for SharePoint search solves this business productivity problem by empowering fast, unified search across all content without requiring IT to help add SharePoint sites to the search interface.

X1's cost-effective and proven enterprise search and eDiscovery solutions help government agencies to achieve mission-critical directives by optimizing employee business productivity and the investments made in other strategic technologies.

Key Advantages
  • Single-pane-of-glass view across active and archived emails, files, attachments and SharePoint data
  • Enables IT to pursue aggressive archiving policies without concern of user complaints about access to information
  • Does not require massive IT scale
  • Leverages the human brain as the main analytical engine for search, allowing people to work in the way that is most productive for them
  • Fits flexibly into existing IT infrastructures, whether on-premise, virtual, cloud-based, or a hybrid of all
  • Simple solutions that are easy to learn and use
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X1 Search

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X1 Search Virtual Edition

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X1 Distributed Discovery

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