Webinar: Operationalizing your eDiscovery Process to Realize the Benefits of Proportionality

Join panelists from X1 and EDRM as they discuss the importance of having the right technology and operational processes in place to attain the benefits of proportionality

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Relativity and X1: Joint Legal Whitepaper on ESI Collection Best Practices

Relativity eDiscovery attorney David Horrigan discusses full-disk imaging as a disfavored collection practice in civil litigation.


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Flawed Collection Methods Prevent TAR and Other Applications of Analytics on Social Media Evidence

Every litigator and eDiscovery practitioner is aware of the critical importance of analytics as a tool to support their cases. AI-driven analytics supercharges compliance investigations, data security, privacy audits, and …


The Traditional Workplace is Not Coming Back, with Major Implications for eDiscovery

The world has in many ways returned to life as it was prior to the pandemic. Restaurants and hotels are packed again. Children are all back in their classrooms. Rock …


5 Reasons Why Native Format Collection is Essential for Social Media Evidence

As succinctly noted by The Florida Bar Association in its publication, Florida Law Journal: “Social media is everywhere. Nearly everyone uses it. Litigants who understand social media — and its benefits …


Proportionality Focus Presents Challenges and Opportunities for eDiscovery Service Providers

Proportionality is now the hottest legal issue involving eDiscovery, with the largest number of eDiscovery-related cases in the past year addressing the subject. Relativity eDiscovery attorney David Horrigan recently led …


Important SaaS Architecture Considerations for Legal Tech Software

With nearly all eDiscovery software now being offered on a SaaS basis, the cloud architecture decisions supporting the vendor’s platform are pivotal. Decisions on architecture design can lead to either …