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Current approaches to including cloud-based data in enterprise search and eDiscovery require downloading a copy of the data to search so that it resides alongside other local content. Unfortunately, that defeats the purpose of storing the data in the cloud in the first place. X1's Rapid Discovery enterprise search product can install into both the cloud and traditional on-premise locations, with the beloved X1 Search user interface providing consolidated access to enterprise and end user data from a single pane of glass.
Hybrid Search

Gartner predicts half of mainstream enterprises will have a hybrid cloud by 2017. That means business workers will be storing information in more and more diverse places — some behind the company firewall and some out in the cloud. As organizations embrace more modern infrastructures — on-premise, virtual, cloud, or a hybrid of all of these — the core business requirement remains that business professionals still need to quickly find and take action on their information assets to do their jobs. As that information gets further scattered, enterprise search will take on increased importance.

Solving your Hybrid Cloud Search Challenge

Enabling search of cloud-based data requires organizations to essentially attach an appliance to a hot-air balloon and send it up to the Cloud provider so that the index can live on that appliance (or farm of appliances) in the Cloud provider’s data center, physically near the data. There are many reasons, however, that a Cloud provider would not allow a customer to do this:

  • Long install process
  • Challenging pre-requisites
  • 3rd party installation concerns
  • Physical access
  • Specific hardware requirements
  • They only scale vertically
The solution to a faster search is a cloud-deployable search application — X1 Rapid Discovery. This creates a win-win for Cloud providers and customers alike. As enterprises move more and more information to the Cloud, it will be important to think about workers' experiences with Cloud systems — and search is one of those user experiences that, if it is a bad one, can at best negatively affect a project and at worst cause user revolt.

Why X1 Wins in The Cloud

    Citrix Ready
    VMWare Ready
  • X1 is designed for and runs very well in virtual environments
  • Flexible virtual deployment and de-couplement:
    Beware of "virtual appliances"
  • X1 is a proud member of the Citrix Ready and VMware Ready Programs
  • X1 design scales out rather than scaling up
  • Most eDiscovery solutions feature monolithic architecture
Modular architecture
  • Indexes and mountpoints are stratified within availability zones
  • Processes dynamically spin up allowing for efficient load balancing
  • Utilize proprietary technology and architecture
  • Extensible platform readily plugs into supporting technologies
  • Avoids cumbersome 3rd Party software integration (i.e. SQL, Oracle, or OEM Analytics) requiring highly particular configuration and/or cloud unfriendly licensing restrictions

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X1 Search

X1 Search

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X1 Search Virtual Edition

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X1 Distributed Discovery

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X1 Rapid Discovery

X1 Rapid Discovery

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