X1 Distributed Discovery

X1 Distributed Discovery gives legal, compliance and IT teams a fundamentally better and faster way to identify, analyze and act on data in place, at the desktop level, across the organization for eDiscovery, data audit and compliance initiatives.

Built upon X1’s patented and award-winning search technology, X1 Distributed Discovery is the only solution that allows organizations to centrally search end-points in minutes or hours instead of weeks or months. With X1 Distributed Discovery, organizations now can process their distributed data in place, on the end-user’s machine, without collecting the data back to a central location.

Unique in the industry, X1 Distributed Discovery operates across desktops and laptops, in addition to file servers, cloud repositories, and other enterprise data sources, supporting eDiscovery collections, data clean-up, cloud migration, public records requests and other data analysis needs.

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For eDiscovery

Unique in the industry, X1 Distributed Discovery upends the traditional collection process by analyzing ESI on a custodian’s assigned computer on a moment’s notice, prior to collection, enabling true early case assessment (ECA) and focusing collections as precisely as desired.

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Data Audit & Compliance

For Data Audit & Compliance

X1 Distributed Discovery is the only software that gives organizations the capability to access, analyze and act upon data in just minutes on an individual’s computer and company networks for the purpose of complying with internal policies, data audits and regulatory requirements.

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