Streamlining the eDiscovery Process for the Remote Workforce

With the move to a more remote workforce, businesses globally need to rely on solutions that keep pace. X1E Remote Collection On-Demand uniquely provides global enterprises, federal, state and local governments, law firms and service providers with the ability to quickly and effectively collect data from employee laptops, company file shares and cloud data sources entirely remotely in a matter of minutes, anywhere in the world.

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Remote Access to Custodian Data In‑Place

This industry-leading solution delivers the workflow of the future with the capability to perform in-place “Pre-Case Assessment” and remote collection of data located on laptops, cloud data and corporate systems globally.


X1’s Cloud-Based Solution Provides Seamless Workflow

How X1E Remote Collection On-Demand Works

  • Precise and iterative collection process – collect surgically or entire drives.
  • Search full text and metadata easily from a central location with the X1 Enterprise Manager, sample key words in-place before collection, refine and confirm results within minutes and export to review.


Tour X1E Remote Collection On-Demand

Take a tour of the global, cloud-based solution for the remote workforce. With X1E Remote Collection On-Demand, easily access remote devices centrally with the X1 Enterprise Manager, no need for IT involvement or unnecessary upfront hardware costs.

Search custodian devices with chosen key terms using X1’s award-winning search technology.
Select custodian devices to search against, no matter where they are and with or without VPN access.
View instant results from selected targeted custodian devices.
Start collecting! Precisely collect only the data needed, saving time and money.
Customize export options for desired collection results.
Collection complete. Results are displayed in an easy-to-view format.

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Remote Collection On-Demand

Remotely collect data from employee laptops, company file shares and cloud data sources in a matter of minutes, anywhere in the world, via a secure hosted platform


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Key Benefits

No Upfront Investment Needed

No hardware or staff or IT involvement required to operate; pay-as-you-go

Secure, IT-Friendly Architecture

Does not require VPN access; only an internet connection or file share needed

Highly Cost-Effective and Flexible Workflow

Preserve and collect all custodial data or a surgical subset, even in the same matter

Uniquely Supports “Pre-Case Assessment”

Sample key words on custodial data in-place, before preserving or collecting

Collect into a Relativity or RelativityOne Workspace

Direct export into Relativity®, RelativityOne®, Brainspace or any review or analytics application

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