A Practical Approach to Social Media Discovery

Duration: 60 min

Social media, webmail, website data and YouTube video are very common sources of evidence in criminal and civil litigation and must be routinely addressed in discovery. However, legal and investigative professionals have lacked an effective means to cope with the vast amounts of data in their workflow, in the same manner as devices, email and files.

Too often, eDiscovery professionals and investigators rely on methods – like screen printing – for social media discovery that are impossible to authenticate. And now, the Courts have taken notice. With a higher bar set for defensible collection in social media, it is time for a more practical approach to social discovery.

This webinar examines best practices of social discovery, no expert should ignore:

  • Discoverability – including social media in eDiscovery plans and the impact on eDiscovery strategies
  • Defensibility and authenticity – supporting case law that demands the use of a robust investigative platform that captures diverse types of content and metadata
  • Challenges in dealing with this new data type – understanding common challenges associated with new forms of metadata and privacy issues

View this webinar to learn how and why to incorporate an investigative platform to collect, search, preserve and manage social media evidence and how to do so defensibly.

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