Geo-fencing and Monitoring Corporate Environments for Social Media Investigations

Duration: 30 min

Every day corporations conduct activities that are important, even critical to the success of their business productivity. They could be launching their latest new product or service, preparing for a big announcement or hosting a conference with vendors and employees from around the world. No matter which activity, corporations need to be able to proactively monitor their surroundings before, during and after events and activities.

With each activity, businesses need visibility into their surroundings and with the right tools, visibility can be realized at the click of a button. Users can get a glimpse into the Social Media activity or chatter in their chosen area with the use of geo-fencing and real-time monitoring. They can gain valuable insight into product or customer service issues, accolades and recommendations to their business and even information related to their technology mentions and more.

Join us for a complimentary 30 minute webinar on ways to empower monitoring of Corporate activities and events with geo-fencing using a powerful and effective solution like X1 Social Discovery.

This webinar will cover:
• Effective use of Geo-fencing
• Monitoring of events and activities
• Using pre-defined search terms
• Monitoring areas real-time
• Live demonstration

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