Next Generation eDiscovery Collection: From Custodian Direct to Review with Relativity and X1

Duration: 30 min

Find out how next-generation ESI collection enables a very efficient hosted review process, thereby reducing costs, streamlining the overall eDiscovery process and allowing legal teams to commence document review within minutes of collection, instead of days or weeks.

One of the largest sources of expense and time delays associated with eDiscovery is the cost of over collection, which leads to increased processing and volume charges, longer project times, and higher attorney review costs. However, X1 now provides an EDRM-disrupting capability to quickly and effectively access and search data sources throughout the enterprise, and then compress the processing stage by directly and efficiently importing data into RelativityOne or Relativity 9.6 (on premise) without the need for a load file. This panel will feature experienced industry experts to provide their perspectives on this innovative development.

Specifically, attendees will learn:

  • How to effectively leverage a systematic enterprise-wide collection process
  • The benefits of pre-collection ECA analysis
  • How to streamline ingestion into RelativityOne
  • The benefits associated with the Relativity and X1 integration

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