Social Media Evidence in Fraud Investigations: Case Studies and New Best Practices

Duration: 60 min

Social media is now a very important and common source of evidence in fraud investigations. Despite its pervasive nature, professional fraud investigators tend to struggle with the challenges of collecting, searching and managing social media evidence. This is very significant as social media is a proven source of decisive evidence in many high-profile investigations. But new best practices have emerged that provide essential tools to help investigators combat fraud.

Hear from attorney John Browning partner at Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard and Smith, and a leading expert on insurance fraud and social media evidence. Also hear from industry veterans John Patzakis and Brent Botta, both from X1 Discovery, on best practices and new methods to collect, search and preserve social media evidence in a manner that is highly scalable while providing standards to facilitate court admissibility of social media evidence.

In this Webinar you will:

  • Hear about specific case studies from the field and case law involving critical social media evidence
  • Find out how to collect and index thousands of social media items in minutes
  • Understand and identify key metadata unique to social media
  • Learn how to better authenticate social media evidence

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