Advanced Data Analytics Solution Selected as One of Four Winners in AEDI Judge Tank

X1 and CDS to present innovative solution at Georgetown Law AEDI in November

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Relativity and X1: Joint Legal Whitepaper on ESI Collection Best Practices

Relativity eDiscovery attorney David Horrigan discusses full-disk imaging as a disfavored collection practice in civil litigation.


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Index and Search In-Place Workflows Key to Reducing eDiscovery Costs and Risks

Most core eDiscovery costs (outside of attorney review) stem from over-collection of electronically stored information (ESI). While direct collection costs can seem inexpensive, law firm Nelson Mullins notes that “over …


Dark Data is an Unmet Cyber Security Challenge

Enterprises today are creating and storing massive volumes of unstructured data, distributed across the enterprise at a very fast pace. IT experts refer to this data type as “dark data.” …


eDiscovery Services Are Undergoing a Major Transformation

Recent research from industry analyst Greg Buckles at the eDiscovery Journal highlights soaring valuations for eDiscovery tech firms. For the first time in the history of the industry, multiple eDiscovery …


Facebook Groups are an Important Source of Electronic Evidence

Facebook Groups are moderated online forums on the social media giant’s platform where often thousands of users engage with and share content with others. The groups can be either private …


Pre-Collection Keyword Searches: Where Angels May Fear to Tread but Not Attorneys with the Right eDiscovery Software

One of the key cases involving the principles of proportionality under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(b)(1), is McMaster v. Kohl’s Dep’t Stores, Inc., (E.D. Mich. July 24, (2020).  McMaster …