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Pre-Collection Keyword Searches: Where Angels May Fear to Tread but Not Attorneys with the Right eDiscovery Software

One of the key cases involving the principles of proportionality under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(b)(1), is McMaster v. Kohl’s Dep’t Stores, Inc., (E.D. Mich. July 24, (2020).  McMaster …


Relativity and X1 Publish Joint Legal Whitepaper on ESI Collection Best Practices

Relativity and X1 have published a joint legal whitepaper on the topic of full-disk imaging as a disfavored collection practice in civil litigation, with Relativity eDiscovery attorney David Horrigan as …


X1 Social Discovery Case Law Update

  X1 Social Discovery had a key mention in a US Federal Court decision published last week. Edwards v. Junior State of America Foundation, No. 4:19-CV-140-SDJ, (US Dist. CT, E.D. …


Industry Experts from Relativity and Insight Optix Discuss Operationalizing Proportionality

  Industry experts including Relativity eDiscovery attorney David Horrigan, Relativity Product Manager Greg Evans and Insight Optix CEO Mandi Ross addressed utilizing cutting-edge ESI collection processes and technologies to effectuate …


On TAP: Targeted, Automated, and Proportional Collection for Modern e-Discovery

Proportionality is now the hottest legal issue in the area of eDiscovery, with the largest number of eDiscovery-related cases in the past year addressing the subject. eDiscovery attorney Kelly Twigger …