X1 Social Discovery v7 Product Tour

Duration: 34 min.

X1 solution experts dive into a product demonstration showcasing the exciting NEW features of X1 Social Discovery v7.0 – featuring the new X1 Instagram Capture Scanner!

During this 30-min. session:

  • Discover why industry-leading X1 Social Discovery offers a truly unique approach to social media and web-based data collection
    • Did you know… X1 Social Discovery is the ONLY eDiscovery solution to provide post-level automated parsing for social media posts (essential for both scalable collection and evidentiary authentication)
  • See the latest features of the solution including, automated profile scrolling, post parsing and comment expansion of Instagram content including all of the associated metadata
  • Find out what’s next on the roadmap for X1 Social Discovery

This is a great opportunity to hear from X1’s solution consultants and listen to the Q&A.

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