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Adoption of SharePoint is high and growing still. Some companies have standardized on SharePoint as an enterprise content management (ECM) platform while others have departments that use SharePoint for sharing files and managing specific business processes. In either situation, the reality is that business workers store information in multiple places — SharePoint, email, network file shares, etc. To find that information is often a frustrating task of switching from application to application only to have a sub-par search experience.
SharePoint Advanced Search with X1 (2 min)
See how easily you can add SharePoint sites to X1 Search and experience the fast and advanced search, hit-highlighting and full fidelity preview.

Business professionals spend up to 35% of their time searching for information and are successful in finding what they seek 50% of the time or less. X1 Search solves this business productivity problem by empowering fast, unified search across business repositories and critical documents. Executives and business professionals can’t live without X1's lightning-fast and award winning search to find and act upon desktop files, emails, SharePoint data, and more, all through a single, unified interface.

Solving your SharePoint Enterprise Search Challenge

  • Seamlessly search across multiple SharePoint sites alongside email, desktop, and file shares
  • Individual users can easily add SharePoint sites to X1 without tapping IT for help
  • IT can deploy saved SharePoint advanced searches to entire groups or departments
  • Experience fast and powerful search, hit-hilighting and native preview of document libraries and lists
  • Update SharePoint documents directly from X1 with SharePoint specific post-search actions such as check-in, check-out, edit, and save
X1 SharePoint Enterprise Search
In the X1 single-pane-of-glass user interface, workers can search across email, files, and SharePoint
Full-fidelity preview of attachments and the ability to refine on any kind of metadata creates a helpful search experience and allows workers to be efficient. More and more people realize now that this unified access to information is critically important. In fact, SharePoint guru Joel Oleson said, after an X1 Search product demo, "the great news is seeing unified search across the variety of platforms [email, file shares, SharePoint] in a single powerful desktop product priced very reasonably." This is because business professionals really do need that unified interface across all information. Forcing business professionals to constantly toggle between email and SharePoint just to run a search is frustrating and time consuming. In addition, for SharePoint administrators, not having to worry about a user's search experience in SharePoint is liberating. When business professionals and IT administrators are both happy, the world is a better place.

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X1 Search

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X1 Search Virtual Edition

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X1 Distributed Discovery

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“X1 Search is a great search tool for the desktop, network shares, and SharePoint and 0365 is blazing fast and uses the native SharePoint search. This week alone X1 has already saved me hours by finding lost documents... and the screen preview is fantastically helpful.”
Jim Ehrenberg
Jim Ehrenberg
Managing Partner and Senior
SharePoint Architect
SharePoint Pros, Inc.

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X1 Search

Unified Search for SharePoint, Desktop, Mail and More

“[X1 Search] really creates a simplified experience that I’ve heard so many users ask for, seeing both SharePoint search and email search in a single pane of glass... I think X1 has really hit the nail on the head with this one, and I am excited about the possibilities that this will provide for Enterprises.”

Joel Oleson
Enterprise Analyst
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