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Relativity and X1: Joint Legal Whitepaper on ESI Collection Best Practices

Relativity eDiscovery attorney David Horrigan discusses full-disk imaging as a disfavored collection practice in civil litigation.


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X1 Achieves Unmatched Throughput and Results in Several Recent M365 eDiscovery and Information Governance Engagements 

By John Patzakis and Chas Meier  As discussed previously on this blog, X1 and our active enterprise customers believe X1 Enterprise Collect is the best solution available to address M365 …


Microsoft 365 eDiscovery Throttling is Structural and Won’t Be Going Away

By Chas Meier Users of Microsoft 365 for eDiscovery and Information Governance continue to encounter significant problems with low throughput and defensibility. Many customers report to us that Purview eDiscovery …


Index and Search In-Place Workflows Are Essential for Information Governance

By John Patzakis and Charles Meier Accurate pre-collection data insight is a game-changing capability that enables organizations and their legal teams to determine the scope, volume, and content of electronic …


Index-In-Place eDiscovery Tech is in High Demand, but Beware of False Vendor Claims

Proportionality-based eDiscovery is a goal that all in-house corporate legal teams want to attain. Under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(b)(1), parties may discover any non-privileged material that is relevant …


New X1 Search 9 Provides the Best Means to Search Your Microsoft 365 Data Sources

By John Patzakis and Chas Meier Last week X1 announced major new, robust features to our desktop productivity solution X1 Search. The next generation of X1 Search is no longer …