Boost your Productivity with X1 Search

Duration: 30 min

How familiar are you with the amazing features of X1 Search? Are you a new user learning how to effectively keyword search or perhaps a more advanced user in need of a refresher course? Whether you are currently evaluating X1 Search, recently purchased a copy, or even if you are a long time user – it’s important to stay ahead of the productivity game and keep those X1 Search skills sharp!

X1 invites you to watch this recorded webinar to Boost your Productivity with X1 Search. Learn effective ways to utilize the key features of the tool, and pick up some advanced tips and tricks to streamline your techniques!

See how using a powerful and effective solution like X1 Search enables users to successfully search 1,000’s of emails and documents in under a second, find what their looking for blazingly fast, all the while saving time and money and maximizing productivity.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How to effectively search across emails, files, attachments and more
  • How to maximize refine columns to achieve faster results
  • Advanced tips and tricks using Boolean, proximity and keyword searching
  • Multiple Post-Search Actions
  • And more!

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