eDiscovery Collection in High-Stakes Litigation

Duration: 30 min

A Case Study from the Field on Remote ESI Collection Under the New Landscape

As the global shift toward a remote workforce continues, so does the demand for effective technology solutions that can address today’s demanding eDiscovery collection requirements.

In-house corporate and litigation professionals need to be able to effectively search, cull and collect data in-place from the remote workforce across the globe in a timely manner to meet urgent case deadlines and gain critical data insights as soon as possible. Legacy manual collection workflows involving travel, physical access and one-time mass collection of custodian laptops, file servers and email accounts is no longer feasible in today’s environment and will be even more costly and time-consuming going forward.

Hear from panelists at Complete Discovery Source (CDS) and X1 as they address the high-stakes realities of eDiscovery in the field today. This webinar features an actual use case illustrating how effective remote ESI collection technology not only replaces outdated ESI collection process workflows, but provides a long-term solution into the future.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • eDiscovery collection strategies for the remote workforce
  • Compelling case studies for litigation matters addressing collection requirements today and going forward
  • Overview of next-generation technologies and consulting services
  • The benefits of using a scalable and secure global solution

This session includes an interactive Q&A.

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