Managing Risk Exposure in Remote Worker Environments: Past and Future

Duration: 45 min

Business today, in the midst of a crisis, requires risk agility and awareness as organizations try to navigate chaos. As organizations modify business processes and access to data to support remote office employees, the risk of inadvertent or malicious use of data grows. This exposes the organization to data loss, integrity, and continuity risk which in turn can impact business operations, reputation, and regulatory and legal actions. To mitigate risk in remote worker environments, organizations need technology to identify and monitor data access and control unstructured documents in remote home office environments.

In addition to exploring the history and future of remote working culture in the United States, this webinar aims to assist organizations in implementing end point data access control of remote workers in a time of crisis and beyond.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to:

  • Understand risk exposure of data in remote worker environments
  • Identify what data is stored, accessed and used
  • Monitor appropriate use of unstructured data
  • Control unstructured data in remote environments to prevent inappropriate use
  • Report on unstructured data, risk exposure, and use across the remote home office environment

This session includes a product overview and interactive Q&A.

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