Overcoming Search Challenges in Virtual Desktop Environments

Duration: 32 min

An increasing number of organizations are realizing the benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). VDI provides the flexibility that enables organizations to achieve their business goals while controlling technical operational costs. However, as with any solution, there can be trade-offs and limitations, some of which can impede the success of VDI deployments. One such limitation is the near-inability to search user content in many virtual desktop environments. As a result, users may not be as productive and in extreme cases, frustrated users can slow or block VDI adoption entirely. X1 solves this problem by integrating its leading search application with VDI deployments using solutions from Citrix and VMware. X1 significantly enhances productivity and reduces user frustration, enabling organizations to realize the full benefits of any size VDI deployment – from the small and medium size businesses to worldwide enterprise deployments.

Join search & IT strategists, Jody Elkins, Vice President at Agile360 and Michael Devin, Vice President of Search Solutions at X1, in a complimentary webinar to learn about a game-changing search capabilities in a VDI environment.

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