Utilizing Cutting-Edge eDiscovery Collection Processes to Achieve Proportionality

Duration: 55 min

The principals of proportionality embedded in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are designed to promote efficiencies and cost savings in the discovery process. However, such aspirations are only that without an operational means to effectuate proportionality in eDiscovery. Remote, targeted and automated collections of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) are essential to attain process efficiencies. During this informative session, prominent eDiscovery attorneys Kelly Twigger and William Belt dive into the hot topic of proportionality and the collection of ESI. Panelists discuss the legal framework of proportionality, including relevant statutes and case law, and legal ethics considerations related to ESI collection, including the challenge of data collection from the remote workforce.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Legal overview of proportionality and collection of data
  • Proportionality challenges and recent case law
  • Steps and guidelines to operationalizing proportionality
  • Benefits of cloud-based remote collection with an integrated solution

This session includes a product demonstration and interactive Q&A.

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