X1E Remote Collection On-Demand™

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic requiring ‘social distancing’ everywhere, employees and companies have been forced to work remotely across the globe. Businesses everywhere are finding the need to quickly adjust to a distributed workforce while addressing the continued challenge of maintaining compliance with legal, privacy, cybersecurity and governance policies and protocols. Legacy eDiscovery workflows based on massive overcollection are not scalable in today’s environment, businesses require an effective technology solution that meets current remote collection demands and requirements.

With X1E Remote Collection On-Demand™ global enterprises, federal, state and local governments, law firms and service providers are able to quickly and effectively collect data from employee laptops, company file shares and cloud data sources entirely remotely in a matter of minutes, anywhere in the world. This industry-leading solution delivers the workflow of the future with the unique capability to perform in-place, “Pre-Case Assessment” and remote collection of unstructured data located on remote systems globally, reducing costs, saving critical time and streamlining data delivery with direct export into a Relativity, RelativityOne workspace, Brainspace or any review analytics application for review.

Key benefits include:

  • Scalable eDiscovery Collection Workflow
    • No upfront investment of hardware or staff or IT involvement required to operate
  • Cloud-based Remote Collection Measured in Hours instead of Days or Weeks
    • Sample key words on custodial data in-place, before collecting
  • Completely surgical and iterative collection process
    • Conduct as many collections on a custodian or for a matter as desired
  • Secure IT-Friendly Architecture
    • Does not require VPN access; only an internet connection or file share needed


“As a cloud-only service provider, we have been looking for a virtual collection solution for some time because the legacy, forensic-heavy process was too expensive, disruptive and time-consuming,” said Tony Ramsey, CEO of EDDCloud. “A hosted, completely SaaS solution allowing analysis and collection data in-place is a game-changer for us and our clients. What used to take weeks, cost thousands more than necessary and require travel and employee disruption will now be handled by us entirely remotely in minutes or hours, with no investment required by our clients. X1E Remote Collection On-Demand will allow us to fix a major pain point for all of our clients literally overnight.”

X1E Remote Collection On-Demand™ is now available from X1 and its network of law firm and service provider partners. Contact sales for more information.

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