X1 Achieves Unmatched Throughput and Results in Several Recent M365 eDiscovery and Information Governance Engagements 

By John Patzakis and Chas Meier 

X1 In-Place Data DiscoveryAs discussed previously on this blog, X1 and our active enterprise customers believe X1 Enterprise Collect is the best solution available to address M365 data sources as well as on-premises sources such as laptops and file shares. In recent weeks, our customers and partners have executed several projects on a massive scale and have captured and documented X1’s performance metrics.  

No other solution in the industry can index data across the enterprise as fast or as scalable as the X1 Enterprise platform, including Microsoft Purview Premium. When compared to Microsoft Purview, with its built-in architectural constraints and throttling limitations, X1 can index nearly eight times the daily volume of Purview or any other competitive “connector” technology can achieve in the market. X1’s distributed index-in-place methodology, combined with horizontal scaling of our index hosts, make X1 the only solution truly capable of handling the rapid indexing, identification, searching and collecting/remediation of mass data sets in the TB’s or PB’s across the modern enterprise. X1 effectively addresses cloud and on-premises data sources in a unified manner, including distributed endpoints, network file shares, M365 data sources including Mail, OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint, as well as other cloud data sources.  

In several recent large-scale eDiscovery and information governance projects, X1 Enterprise Collect, on average, was able to collect and index M365 data (MS Mail [including archived mail and modern attachments] Teams, One Drive and SharePoint) at a rate of approximately 350 GB per day. This is nearly 8 times faster than Microsoft Purview, with its documented throughput limitations at 2GB per hour. X1 can achieve even faster throughput by scaling out virtual cloud computing resources.  

Daily indexing volumes for endpoints and on-premises file shares vary due to the performance characteristics of each machine, but X1 indexes and searches endpoints in parallel yielding extremely high aggregate daily indexing and collection throughput. 

Detailed documentation on these metrics and a further briefing on these engagements can be provided upon request. 

 X1 achieves such scalability through a decentralized approach that does not rely on the M365 or Purview search Index, which has known issues with the number of file types supported, consistency of search results, accuracy, and throughput. X1’s approach enables a very scalable, accurate, defensible, and robust indexing and data collection at unmatched speeds. 

In addition to greatly reducing risk, X1’s capabilities also enable massive cost savings. X1 Enterprise Collectsignificantly streamlines the eDiscovery workflow by bringing targeted collection results directly into the review platform, thereby eliminating over collection, over processing, and over importing just to cull. X1 will populate ESI (Electronically Stored Information) straight into Relativity from an X1 collection without multiple hand offs, extensive project management and inefficient data processing.  

The ability to collect data directly and transparently from custodian laptops, desktops, M365 and other cloud sources into a RelativityOne/Relativity workspace is a game-changer that enables legal and compliance teams to begin review in hours rather than weeks. As facts become known and collection focus changes, X1 allows teams to pivot and respond in hours.  With the ability to efficiently take multiple bites of the apple, X1 enables teams to start fast and stay agile.   

For a demonstration of the X1 Enterprise Collect Platform, contact us at sales@x1.com. For more details on this innovative solution, please visit www.x1.com/x1-enterprise-collect-platform.