How to Increase Business Productivity with Search Tools
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Enterprise search tools were widely deployed over the last two decades and, yet, most business workers still complain that they cannot find the critical information they need to do their jobs. There is not just one reason that business workers and IT are disaffected with traditional enterprise search; there are many:
  • It is not user-friendly.
    Most search interfaces present like a Web page with a series of links to document titles, with short summaries describing the document.
  • It does not address the bulk of the
    business professionals' information.

    By ignoring end users’ email and local documents, most enterprise search solutions miss about 80% of the end users key business data.
  • It relies on web search methodology.
    The "Google paradigm" of web search uses organic linking or user rankings to determine the rank order of results, but that approach provides zero value in the enterprise.
  • It requires massive IT effort to scale. Traditional enterprise search tools have become "science projects" doomed for endless tweaks and lack of user acceptance.

Three Distinct Forms of Enterprise Search

There are really three distinct forms of enterprise search: 1) Web-based search, 2) Business Analytics or "Big Data" search and 3) Business Productivity Search. Each distinct form of search is appropriate for various use-cases and, to be effective, requires that the search engine, methods of analysis and workflow be specifically designed for the particular use case:

Web Search
Big Data Business Productivity Search
Data Author Someone else Data Center /
No one
Self or colleague
Search Type Inquisitive Analysis Retrieval
Method of Analysis Programmatic Programmatic Personal
Analytical Engine Algorithms, relies on organic linking Algorithms Human brain
Interface Web page; links to results Dashboards; charts and graphs Single pane of glass for emails, files, and more; attachment preview; integrated metadata filters
End User Control No No Yes
Results Tuning Global Intra-organization Personal

Because business worker adoption of search software is the foundational element to achieving return on investment, organizations should prioritize productivity search. The critical elements of a good productivity search tool are:

  • A unified, actionable interface
  • Leveraging the human brain as the driving analytical force
  • Search of user email, local documents, SharePoint and other key enterprise data in a single pane of glass
  • Providing IT flexibility
  • Ability to deploy in any IT environment, including virtual and hybrid cloud

With X1, organizations can do all of the above and enable business productivity with cost-effective desktop and enterprise search software.

Key Advantages

  • Single-pane-of-glass view across active and archived emails, files, attachments and SharePoint data
  • Enables IT to pursue aggressive archiving policies without concern of user complaints about access to information
  • Leverages the human brain as the main analytical engine for search, allowing people to work in the way that is most productive for them
  • Does not require massive IT scale
  • Fits flexibly into existing IT infrastructures, whether on-premise, virtual, cloud-based, or a hybrid of all

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