In today’s “always on” environment, X1 Search Mobile allows users to quickly and effortlessly find and take action on the information they are looking for regardless of where it is and when they might be looking for it.


X1 Search Mobile takes X1’s award-winning user interface to your mobile device, providing lightning-fast and precise search of email and files while on the go. No longer will users need to settle for the limited, slow and inconsistent “Exchange-only” searches of current smartphones. X1 Search Mobile enables full email (including archived emails) and desktop search from the mobile device, keeping workers productive no matter where they are.



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Key Features and Benefits

  • Support for iOS and Android
  • Leverage security of leading EMM tools such as AirWatch, Good Technologies and XenMobile
  • Search precision light-years beyond what current smartphones offer natively
  • Single-pane-of-glass view across email, desktop files, SharePoint and other enterprise content on your mobile device
  • Lightning fast-as-you-type search
  • Full-fidelity preview of attachments with hit highlighting
  • Infinite scrolling of search results (no need to “continue search on server”)
  • Comprehensive search filters—including Boolean, proximity and keyword—drill down to relevant results in record speed
  • Refine filters based on common metadata
  • Integrated post-search actions such as open, reply, save to device and forward as email

Available to Enterprise Customers

X1 Search Mobile is available for volume purchases only (not for individual sale) to enterprise customers with X1 Search - using either X1 Search Virtual Edition or a stand-alone installation of a Mobile Resource Management server.

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X1 Search Mobile

“One of the things that I like about X1 is that it could work as an enterprise file sync and share product. You have access to all of your files, your inbox, and your attachments, and they're all mobile-enabled and delivered with policy around them.”

Jack Madden
Jack Madden
Enterprise Mobility Analyst
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