Transforming eDiscovery & Enterprise Search

X1 Rapid Discovery is a proven eDiscovery and enterprise search solution that uniquely deploys within virtual environments to enable corporations, law firms and consultants to quickly identify, search, and collect distributed data wherever it resides in the cloud or within the enterprise.

With X1 Rapid Discovery, organizations can now quickly access, search, triage and collect their data in its existing environment, without having to first migrate that data; thereby transforming how organizations address the challenges of search, collection and analysis of virtualized and distributed enterprise data. While other eDiscovery products require migrating or even shipping your data to the vendor tools, X1 Rapid Discovery is a hardware-independent software solution that uniquely installs and operates on demand where your data currently resides.

X1 Rapid Discovery provides eDiscovery and search support for Google Drive, Box, IaaS Cloud, AWS S3, webmail, SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Exchange 365, network file shares, PST files, and much more.

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Amazon Web Services Partner Network
X1 is a proud member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, evidencing its uniquely rapid and seamless deployability into both remote and virtualized environments. X1 Rapid Discovery is available for immediate, on-demand deployment for clients requiring powerful search or eDiscovery capabilities in AWS worldwide. Watch this webinar to learn more. For more information, please contact
VMware Ready
X1 Rapid Discovery integrates with VMware vSphere and is certified as VMware Ready. The Windows server can be quickly installed in your VMware environment to offer enterprise search and eDiscovery functionality for e-mail, file, SharePoint and other data repository searching and preservation. Learn more in the VMware Solution Exchange.


Cloud deployable

Designed for virtualized environments and can install remotely into public or private cloud environments. Other eDiscovery solutions are mostly amalgams of OEM technology and monolithic architecture, preventing true virtualization and unsuited for the cloud.

Fast search

Quickly search and cull up to terabytes of data stored within your enterprise or in the cloud, without ever exporting that data from its native environment.

Cost effective

Non-appliance solution with a simple flat fee licensing model and no GB processing fees.

Deep SharePoint integration

Uniquely enables in place eDiscovery search, preservation, and review of SharePoint sites.
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Simplified & rapid installation

Installs remotely in a matter of minutes, in traditional or virtual environments, without costly and rigid hardware requirements. This provides the unique ability for the immediate search of enterprise distributed data located across the globe.


Intuitive web user interface with matter-centric work flow for eDiscovery and enterprise search.

X1 Rapid Discovery's easy to use web interface, federated search capabilities, matter-centric work flow, and high speed culling of up to terabytes of data, transform how legal and IT professionals conduct eDiscovery and enterprise search in the cloud and throughout the enterprise. Whether the application is enterprise search or eDiscovery, X1 Rapid Discovery revolutionizes your ability to work with data stored anywhere.

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Blog Articles

“X1 Rapid Discovery is built to be deployed in Cloud environments where there tend to be heterogeneous infrastructure elements. The system is not tightly wound to third party hardware so it can be decoupled so as to scale out and be virtualized more easily...Perhaps most interesting to me is the work X1 Discovery has done to get into the Amazon AWS ISV program...X1 Discovery is really striking first.”
Barry Murphy
eDiscovery Journal
“We presently utilize X1 Rapid Discovery to quickly cull, filter and de-duplicate hundreds of GBs of data at a fraction of the cost of most other ECA software... I would recommend X1 Rapid Discovery to every law firm, large or small.”
Bruce S. Markowitz
ECMP, Director of Litigation Support, McKenna Long & Aldridge