SharePoint eDiscovery: Legal Considerations and Best Practices (50 min)

As Microsoft SharePoint continues to gain wide adoption amongst enterprises, large and small, with enhanced content management and collaboration tools and simplified workflows, effective management of eDiscovery within SharePoint is now a pressing concern among legal counsel and corporate IT departments. Legal counsel face unique challenges when searching and collecting data from SharePoint that can lead to increased costs, overlooked data and other pitfalls if not handled properly.

Join Reed Smith attorney Patrick Burke and X1 executive John Patzakis in a complimentary webinar to learn about this critically important topic and new ground-breaking methodologies to address these eDiscovery challenges.

In this Webinar you will:

  • Learn about the reasons for and the scope of SharePoint proliferation within the enterprise;
  • Hear our commentators discuss "best practices" for legal holds and eDiscovery information from SharePoint sites;
  • Gain insight into the challenges associated with SharePoint search, preservation and collection;
  • Understand standards and requirements for proficient eDiscovery of data stored in SharePoint sites.

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Patrick Burke
Patrick J. Burke, CIPP/E
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John Patzakis
John Patzakis
President and CEO
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