Revolutionizing Workflows with In-Place Pre-Collection Data Analytics for eDiscovery and Compliance

Duration: 28 min

During this webinar, X1 and Complete Discovery Source present a game-changing technical integration providing in-place data analytics for eDiscovery and Compliance. This solution presented enables the application AI analytics of deep content of documents and emails in-place without any migration of the full native files, thereby revolutionizing current eDiscovery, cyber security and data compliance workflows.

In the recent Georgetown University Law Center’s Advanced eDiscovery Institute Judge Tank Session, X1 and Complete Discovery Source presented their joint submission of an advanced, in-place data analytics workflow as one of four selected finalists. Their winning submission earned unanimous support from the judges’ panel and the highest support from the audience. In this webinar, William Belt and John Patzakis present and discuss their game-changing winning joint submission on innovative pre-collection analytics technology and workflow presented to the judges’ panel.

During this webinar, presenters discuss:

  • Overview of unstructured data and legacy collection workflows
  • How to gain day 1 insight into all data pre-collection
  • Upstream proportionality post-collection vs. pre-collection
  • Process efficiency gains – Rule 26(f)
  • Implications for privacy and compliance workflows

This session includes an interactive Q&A.

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