Product usage
Business professional search of desktops, files, email, SharePoint, and more.

Virtual desktop environments (VDI)

Business productivity

Mobile productivity

Identification of data for the purpose of compliance & audit, data migration, and business intelligence
Investigation & collection of social media evidence
Intended audience
Business professional
(single copies)

IT (enterprise licenses)
Legal or compliance

Law enforcement

eDiscovery practitioner user (searching public or credentialed data)
Location of installation
Standard desktop or laptop

Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI)
Standard desktop or laptop

Server (physical or virtual)

Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI)
Desktop or server
Amount of searchable data
100s of Gigabytes*
100s of Gigabytes*
(per user)

Terabytes across organization
Unlimited social media items
*This is a recommended limit of searchable data based on an average user’s machine processing power or available disk space