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X1 makes software that allows people and organizations to find and act on information in-place, wherever it resides, for legal, compliance, governance, investigatory and productivity purposes.

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Erik Laykin
Managing Director, Duff and Phelps

With X1 Distributed Discovery, the ability to instantaneously search for keywords across the enterprise for a small or large group of custodians is in its own right a killer application.
This particular feature gives you instantaneous answers to one of the key questions folks have been wrestling with for quite some time.

Michael Levitt
Professor of Structural Biology, Stanford University, 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

I am a longtime user and huge fan of your X1 Search product; I could not survive without it.

Scott Edelman
Senior Vice President, AECOM

I am a believer in X1. It puts at least 8 hours a week back into my life. I have nearly 900,000 emails cataloged and can find nearly anything within a few key strokes. I encourage everyone within the company to buy a copy and load it on their computer if they also want to save 8 hours a week!

Jim Derouin
Director of Finance, Forever 21, Inc.

I am a long-time X1 fan. First thing I did when I got to Forever 21 was to get X1 and index all my predecessor's e-mails and documents which made my transition so much easier.

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  • X1 Social: Version 7.0, released 4/19/2023
  • X1 Search: Version 8.7.1
  • X1 Enterprise: Version 4.2.2, released 4/6/2023