Simon Lewis
TED Speaker and President of PDF. Inc.

I am a longtime user and huge fan of your X1 Search product; puts all of my research resources and emails in one searchable environment. Could not imagine being without it.

John K. Waters
Technology writer for Law Technology News

In my tests, X1 Social Discovery was fast and responsive... The interface is clean and simple, with a logical layout. And the feature set is just about everything you could ask for as you dig into the burgeoning mounds of status updates, tweets, digital pictures, hash tags, comments, and links.

Gaetano Fiore
CEO, Alterra Holdings

We accumulate so much information and everyone has their particular way of classifying it. This tool is indispensable in finding what you need when you need it. It saves TIME. Without X1 Search, it would mean endless hours of frustration.

Christine Taylor
Analyst, Taneja Group social media searches are barely able to search a few FB pages an hour and can never reach the level of speed and defensibility that X1 Social Discovery is able to do.

Patrick Quinlan
Knowledge Manager, Cargill International

X1 Search is the most powerful and quick search engine available. I've been using it at home for quite a few years now, essentially for searching through text documents for quotes or resources when writing articles. Without X1, this task would take ages, or would even be impossible. I love it!

Lourenço de Almeida

With having so many subjects to deal with and using so many document sources and formats, X1 Search is the only way I can make sure I'll find what I need, when needed. Although I keep my file system clean and tidy, there are times when navigating through it, won't get me to what I'm looking for, or at least won't do it on time. X1 is a very good shortcut on such occasions.

Bruce S. Markowitz
ECMP, Director of Litigation Support, McKenna Long & Aldridge

We presently utilize X1 Rapid Discovery to quickly cull, filter and de-duplicate hundreds of GBs of data at a fraction of the cost of most other ECA software... I would recommend X1 Rapid Discovery to every law firm, large or small.

Katty Kauffman
CEO, Katty Kauffman and Associates

I've tried just about every desktop search tool out there and NOTHING tops the X1 in speed and functionality!

Matt Hobbs
Senior Technology Consultant, EMC

I know I can't live without X1 Search, I'm just mystified as to how others can. I want to make the most of my life and wasting time inefficiently searching for important documents is not going to help me get there. Now if only I could use X1 to help find my car keys...

Al Galdi
President, ARCNET Architects, Inc.

We currently have over 450,000 emails, 355,000 attachments, 364,000 photos and 1,757,000 total documents on our network that we can search for a single word in a split second with X1. I use X1 hundreds of times every day — it is a very powerful and invaluable "tool". It is always open on my desktop and I certainly cannot live without it.

Michael J. Posner
Partner, Ward Damon

I am a practicing attorney and have all of my work indexed. I use X1 Search every day and could not function at work without it.

Josh Kanter
President, Chicago Financial, Inc.

In today's information age, with the overwhelming volume of daily emails and documents, no amount of organizational skill or memory can do what X1 does. X1 simply has become, and is, an irreplaceable tool. I rely on it all day long.

Erik Laykin
Managing Director, Duff and Phelps

With X1 Distributed Discovery, the ability to instantaneously search for keywords across the enterprise for a small or large group of custodians is in its own right a killer application.
This particular feature gives you instantaneous answers to one of the key questions folks have been wrestling with for quite some time.

Jan Wencel
Executive Productivity Coach, Spark Productivity

As an executive productivity coach, every minute counts for me and my clients. I use X1 every day to manage my work and my schedule, and I teach my clients to do the same. I can't remember life before X1...and I don't want to.

Ron Nocket
Senior Systems Analyst, Tyco Electronics

X1 Search saves us countless hours of wasted time searching and not finding things. We love the product. Neither Windows Search nor any other product we have tried comes anywhere close to the features, speed or accuracy of X1.

Mike Schatzlein
President and CEO, Saint Thomas Health

I have tried literally every available search application. X1 is unique in its speed, reliability, and robustness. Results appear instantaneously, as you type. Lowest system overhead, so you can index in real time if you want. I never worry about where a file is on the network, because I can find what I want in seconds with X1.

Robert White
CEO, Edgar Dunn & Company

X1 is indispensable. It saves me on average an hour a day, which as a senior executive, is priceless benefit.

Gillian Barth
President and CEO, CARE Canada

Our executive team, managers and staff cannot live without X1 Search for their day-to-day work.

Jim Ehrenberg
Certified SharePoint Architect, Sharepoint Pros, Inc.

X1 Search is a great search tool for the desktop and network shares. This week alone X1 has already saved me hours by finding lost emails and documents that Windows 8 search did not locate.

Clinton Towers
Director, Access Forensics Subject Coordinator, University of Technology Sydney

I rely on X1 Social Discovery to collect and analyse cloud data on behalf of private clients and government agencies. I have found it easy to use, reliable for court purposes and supporting the widest range of cloud records relevant to my investigations. I can highly recommend X1 Social Discovery and consider it an essential tool for any forensic investigator.

Joel Oleson
Joel Oleson, Enterprise Analyst, TechAds Network

[X1 Search] really creates a simplified experience that I’ve heard so many users ask for, seeing both SharePoint search and email search in a single pane of glass... I think X1 has really hit the nail on the head with this one, and I am excited about the possibilities that this will provide for Enterprises.

Scott Edelman
Senior Vice President, AECOM

I am a believer in X1. It puts at least 8 hours a week back into my life. I have nearly 900,000 emails cataloged and can find nearly anything within a few key strokes. I encourage everyone within the company to buy a copy and load it on their computer if they also want to save 8 hours a week!

Michael Levitt
Professor of Structural Biology, Stanford University, 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

I am a longtime user and huge fan of your X1 Search product; I could not survive without it.

Jim Derouin
Director of Finance, Forever 21, Inc.

I am a long-time X1 fan. First thing I did when I got to Forever 21 was to get X1 and index all my predecessor's e-mails and documents which made my transition so much easier.