Compliance Department Improves Response Time and Reduces Costs


The compliance department of one of the United States’ largest privately held manufacturers and distributors of healthcare supplies saves time and money with X1® Rapid Discovery when responding to daily legal inquiries and performing audits.


The Company’s Senior Vice President of Compliance, responsible for reviewing and responding to inquiries and requests from the company’s legal department, found far too many department hours were spent searching email repositories (PST archives), and shared directories containing key documents subject to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other compliance requirements. The compliance department struggled with inefficient and manual processes involving multiple, time-consuming tools, leaving very little time to perform other critical duties and causing significant frustration amongst senior executives. The alternatives involved spending millions on either outsourced eDiscovery consultants or expensive archiving schemes that required unworkable and infeasible data centralization, massive hardware outlays and a lengthy, complex and risk-laden implementation.


Frustrated with the waste of critical time and lack of efficiency, the Senior Vice President of Compliance was referred to X1 by a successful X1 Rapid Discovery client in Washington, DC. As a testament to its ease of use and installation, he ran through a system trial of X1 on his own and quickly decided to fund the X1 acquisition for $140,000 through his department’s budget.


X1 delivered same-day installation over the web and revealed immediate benefits allowing the executive to find the information he needed quickly to respond to his legal team and avoid any additional costs and legal implications associated with a delay in responding. X1 Rapid immediately improved the department’s timeliness of response, efficiency and dramatically reducing overall costs.