X1 at Legalweek 2024!

Thanks for Stopping by the X1 Booth at Legalweek 2024 in NY!

We hope you had a great Legalweek ’24! The X1 team would like to thank you for stopping by the booth at the Hilton Midtown New York, Jan. 29th – Feb. 1st to check out our proprietary, automated index-in-place data discovery solutions for legal, compliance, governance and investigative purposes. We hope you were able to meet the team and see a demonstration of our cutting edge X1 Enterprise Collect solution including our advanced support for MS 365 data sources. If not, don’t worry, we can schedule a remote demonstration and connect you with the team to discuss how X1 can help your organization perform lightning fast search and targeted collection of ESI across the enterprise including the full MS 365 suite, any laptop, desktop and remote file share, and only collect what you need.

Fill out the form below and one our solution specialists will be in contact with you shortly to arrange a meeting, schedule a demo or to answer your questions regarding our unique solutions. For more information about X1, visit www.x1.com.