eDiscovery Journal Highlights X1's Game Changing Support of MS 365

By John Patzakis
July 12, 2023

Greg Buckles of the eDJ, arguably the top independent eDiscovery industry analyst, penned an important article outlining X1’s support for MS 365 data sources within the X1 Enterprise Collect platform and how it even surpasses in many respects Microsoft’s own Premium Purview services. In his post, Buckles first listed X1’s “top level take-aways” as follows:

  • X1’s Teams support targets individual custodians and specific messaging threads, displacing any need to mass download Teams chats and channels.
    • X1 collects and searches Teams content directly without relying on the Microsoft Graph content search API, which has known gaps.
  • X1 indexes, searches and processes Teams data in-place, removing any reliance on premium processing or supplemental services.
    • Modern attachments are collected and searched in place and automated data formatting enables one-click upload into Relativity for review.
  • Unified search and collection of on-premise and cloud data sources, including Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Mail, laptops and file-shares for an optimized workflow.
    • Provides True ECA and processing capabilities at the point of collection. Assess, process, and collect only what is needed, narrowing funnel at point of collection.

Buckles then notes that “archiving and enterprise search products like Autonomy IDOL struggled to deliver a ‘universal index’ for decades.” Similarly, Microsoft 365 “can struggle to meet the stringent eDiscovery/compliance requirements.” Specifically, Buckles noted that Microsoft Purview faces significant throughput limitations as documented by his own performance testing: “Past Purview advanced indexing performance testing for eDJ corporate clients resulted in limiting SLA’s to 1-3 full custodians per day.” Conversely, Buckles writes that “X1’s distributed index approach allows them to expand a user’s M365 sources to include desktops, file shares and 3rd party content such as Dropbox. It offloads much of the processing overhead to endpoint devices and avoids some of Purview Premium’s throughput limits for larger custodial matters.” As noted in the article, X1’s benchmark testing of 25 mailboxes in 4-8 hours and we have seen that scale in parallel.

Many customers report to us that Microsoft Purview Premium’s documented inability to timely handle anything other than small matters due to their 2GB per hour throughput limit (which X1 is not subject to due to our direct connection approach) is disqualifying for them. eDiscovery and investigation matters need to be addressed expediently. X1 can address a matter involving 100 custodians at 10GB of MS 365 data each within 24 hours (search, collection and export), while Microsoft Purview Premium, per Buckles’ performance testing and Microsoft’s own documentation, would take up to several weeks.

Additionally, Buckles’ generally referenced, including linking to Microsofts’ documentation, identifying other Purview Premium limitations such as not searching files and attachments over 150 MB, not addressing hidden mail folders, and not accessing files and emails without “compliance copies.” X1 is not subject to these limitations.

The X1 Enterprise Collect Platform is available now from X1 and its global channel network in the cloud, on-premise, and with our services available on-demand.  For a demonstration of the X1 Enterprise Collect Platform, contact us at sales@x1.com. For more details on this innovative solution, please visit www.x1.com/x1-enterprise-collect-platform.