CaCPA: Preparing for Compliance
& Avoiding Litigation Landmines

Duration: 60 min

Savvy plaintiffs’ attorneys see a potential gold mine in California’s new privacy law. CaCPA grants individuals unprecedented access to their data held by companies, and the plaintiffs’ bar is certain to utilize these rights to form the basis of civil claims. Further, the CaCPA’s private right of action for data breaches is sure to spur a new wave of data security-based class and individual actions against businesses in all industries.

One of the biggest threats you face are data access requests from current employees, past employees, job candidates, customers, subscribers, etc. that give them unfettered access to your company’s email and other information — access that could trigger an avalanche of litigation.

Data access requests will be a costly discovery and regulatory mine field for companies that have inconsistent or not fully transparent policies and terms of service, don’t know where personal data exists or what third parties it is being shared with, or have over-retained data.

We invite you to watch this 60 minute which will cover:

• Potential litigation landmines
• Prioritizing compliance efforts to address your biggest risks
• Responding to data subject access requests
• Why data governance is essential for sustainable compliance
• Interactive Q&A

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