Data Governance and eDiscovery: Supercharging Your GRC Environment

Duration: 50 min

Today’s business relies on data. Information drives the organization in every aspect. Organizations are continuously changing as is their critical business data, which brings challenging risk and compliance requirements. From intellectual property and sensitive business strategy, to transactions, to employee and customer data regulated by GDPR and CCPA . . . organization’s need to ensure data is properly governed, risk is managed, and compliance requirements are met.

It is time for organizations to address the last mile of Governance, Risk management, and Compliance (GRC) – the governance of data across the organization. To mitigate risk and comply with laws it has become necessary for organizations to have a clear inventory, disposition, and control over sensitive data wherever it may reside.

This is exactly where eDiscovery technology delivers value.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How eDiscovery technology can benefit your organization
  • Overview of the Regulatory and Market Landscape as it relates to data management
  • Structured vs. Unstructured data – Understanding the difference
  • Reactive vs. Proactive Risk Management – How to get out of the reactive cycle
  • How to better integrate your GRC environment with supplemental technology
  • Data Governance/eDiscovery use cases in a GRC context
  • How X1 can help your organization

This session includes a product overview and interactive Q&A.

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