Effective Response to Data SARs Under GDPR

Duration: 30 min

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect for almost a year and impacts any organization worldwide that controls, processes or stores the data of European nationals. Companies have already started to feel the fallout of failing to comply, with fines and enforcement actions affecting organizations from small businesses all the way up to Google.

It is imperative that organizations realize that their requirement to comply with Data Subject Access Requests (SARs) does not stop at their central databases and SaaS solutions such as their CRM or marketing platform. It is all too easy for personal information to be copied and spread into emails, attachments, and local files in the control of their employees. Any complete solution must include methods to identify this end-user controlled data and remove or minimize it when required.

We invite you to watch this webinar which will cover:

  • Responding to data subject access requests
  • Why end user data must be equally considered
  • GDPR best practices
  • Live demonstration
  • Interactive Q&A

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