ESI Collection 3.0: How to Streamline Your Entire eDiscovery Process and Maximize ROI

Duration: 30 min

The traditional eDiscovery methods associated with overcollection, expensive per GB processing, and numerous manual data hand offs, continue to wreak havoc on both business productivity and profitability. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a time-consuming and costly process in a single matter when there are now ways to revolutionize the eDiscovery collection workflow process with solutions that bring dramatically reduced costs and risks with pre-collection analysis and detailed analytics enabling informed decision-making and thereby simplifying results.

Join panelists from Compliance and X1 as they discuss current challenges with the data collection process with the remote workforce, state-of-the-art technology solutions that bring both functionality and scalability, and how streamlining the eDiscovery process can maximize return on investment while eliminating unnecessary risks.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • The benefits of modern eDiscovery collection strategies for the remote workforce
  • How to effectively achieve advanced workflow and analytics with X1 and Relativity
  • Minimizing risk and increasing return on investment by streamlining the eDiscovery process
  • The benefits of using a scalable and secure global solution
  • Overview of the X1 and Compliance partnership

This session includes a live scenario case demonstration and interactive Q&A.

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