Operationalizing your eDiscovery Process to Realize the Benefits of Proportionality

Duration: 56 min.

Proportionality is now the hottest legal issue involving eDiscovery, with the largest number of eDiscovery-related cases in the past year addressing the subject. Legal and their supporting IT teams that take full advantage of the proportionality rule can greatly reduce cost, time and risk associated with otherwise inefficient eDiscovery. While there is keen awareness of proportionality in the legal community, attaining the benefits requires the ability to operationalize workflows as far upstream in the eDiscovery process as possible. However, unless you have the right technology and operational processes in place, you’re losing out on the ability to attain the benefits of proportionality.

Hear from X1 industry experts Larry Gill, CEO, Allan Long, EVP of Product Strategy and Consulting and John Patzakis, CLO as they discuss with the EDRM team ways to operationalize your eDiscovery process to achieve lower costs, improved early case strategy, faster time to review and reduced legal risk.

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