Rapid Collection from the Endpoint Directly within Relativity

Duration: 30 min

Collecting enterprise ESI from the desktop and laptop has been readily viewed industry-wide as one of the most challenging parts of the eDiscovery process. It can be both expensive and cumbersome, often resulting in extensive over collection. Organizations require a solution that is not only scalable and efficient, but most importantly effective.

With Relativity and X1 there is a solution. The recent integration of X1’s enterprise eDiscovery collection solution, X1 Distributed Discovery, directly into Relativity’s SaaS platform, RelativityOne, empowers organizations to rapidly search across and collect from up to thousands of endpoints within hours, dramatically increasing speed to review of on-premise data to RelativityOne via Collect. This fully integrated solution enables organizations immediate pre-collection visibility into their data and eliminates the need for expensive ESI processing tools. This direct integration provides the flexibility law firm, corporate and consulting partners need to address multiple cases at diverse volume levels consistently and effectively, taking the time needed for document review from days or weeks to within minutes of collection.

Watch our expert panelists from Relativity and X1 dive into the benefits of this comprehensive eDiscovery solution and discuss effective ways to achieve a streamlined data collection experience.

Specifically, attendees will learn:

  • How to effectively leverage an enterprise-wide collection process
  • The benefits of using a scalable and secure SaaS platform
  • How to streamline ingestion into RelativityOne with Collect
  • The benefits associated with the Relativity and X1 integration

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