Reshaping the eDiscovery Collection and Management Process with X1 and Compliance DS

Duration: 30 min

Organizations are looking for a seamless eDiscovery and legal technology solution to manage, search and analyze data behind the firewall. Corporate compliance and legal teams do not have months or even weeks to collect unstructured data and even less time or resources to analyze it. Pressing litigation and regulatory mandates require clients to have visibility into their data within minutes, not weeks. This requires a completely new and different approach.

Join panelists from X1 and Compliance Discovery Solutions as they discuss a game-changing end-to-end offering that provides instant access to the entire process of information governance, pre-discovery, eDiscovery, investigations, compliance, audit and security controls. Companies can now achieve the ability to cut ECA and collection timeframes down from weeks or months to hours. This enables clients to analyze data pre-collection and seamlessly upload X1 post-processed, reviewable data sets directly into Compliance’s DaaS 2.0 (Discovery-as-a-Service) platform.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How to effectively leverage a systematic enterprise-wide collection process
  • How to review, investigate, filter, cull and process data prior to collection
  • Loading fully processed data directly into Relativity
  • Delivering significant savings and efficiencies to clients using DaaS 2.0
  • The benefits associated with the X1 and Compliance DS integration

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