Stop Searching and Start Finding with X1 Search - v9 Product Tour

Duration: 35 min.

During this 30 minute product tour, panelists from X1 highlight the new major features of X1 Search v9! Learn ways to supercharge your productivity with the ability to immediately search across all your emails, attachments, documents, local files, and MS 365 data, including Teams chats and channels in a single search and find the exact information you need!

In this webinar now available on-demand, learn ways to:

• Quickly and easily search through all your Microsoft Teams Chats and Channels history to find exactly what you are looking for

• Amplify your data search with the NEW Gmail connector – Index, search and find information in your Gmail 3 times faster

Unify search across all your data sources! – Instantly search across your emails, attachments, documents, local files, and M365 data in a single search

• Accelerate your email workflow with M365 Archived Mail search capabilities – Rapidly index years’ worth of archived Outlook email in half the time!

And more…

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