Successful Data Separations in Corporate M&A

Duration: 45 min.

Data separations in corporate mergers and divestitures are a key information governance priority. Data is a critical asset for every organization, and it is essential that the correct data is transferred to the acquiring company. With most enterprise data being unstructured and contained within Microsoft 365 and other cloud sources, fileshares, laptops and desktops, organizations struggle to execute search projects effectively and efficiently.

Many practitioners rely on legacy eDiscovery workflows that are ill suited for the task, presenting much higher estimated costs and much longer durations. This webinar addresses much better alternatives representing best practices, with discussion of case studies from actual engagements.

During this webinar panelists discuss:

  • Challenges, pain points and best practices associated with data separation projects
  • Ways to perform targeted, accurate and proportional search and remediation within M365 and other unstructured data sources
  • Case studies from recent successful engagements
  • Interactive Q&A

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