X1 Enterprise Collect Platform Overview

Remotely search data across the enterprise – only collect what you need

Corporate data volumes are exploding and over 80% of that data is unstructured or distributed on hard-to-access data sources. Today, most organizations are stuck in a collect-everything approach which fails to take advantage of legal eDiscovery guidelines around proportionality or relevance. This ultimately results in an inefficient, time-consuming and costly discovery process. If there is a better, faster, and more defensible way to do it, why would you pay for the over-collection and processing of data you don’t need?

• Stop the over-collection of irrelevant or unresponsive data
• Gain early insight into your case strategy with immediate pre-collection visibility into custodial data
• Search across thousands of endpoints from a central location, globally and simultaneously
• Streamline your eDiscovery process down to hours or days instead of weeks and months
• Reduce your eDiscovery costs up to 90% by avoiding over-processing of data and unnecessary review fees

Technology to the Rescue
With X1 Enterprise Collect, the industry’s first and only remote, index-in-place, search and collection technology for eDiscovery and compliance, organizations can perform targeted data collections anywhere across the enterprise, anywhere in the world. With our proprietary and patented technology, all the data is indexed in its host location so that it can be rapidly accessed, searched, and analyzed in-place to avoid unnecessary, time-consuming, and costly over-collection, ensuring you only collect what you need.

The X1 Enterprise Collect platform provides a single, unified workflow and interface to search, and collect ESI from both on- premise and cloud data sources.

Enterprise Endpoints
Rapidly search, analyze, and collect data from corporate computers, and even remote laptops that are on or off-network, by leveraging our proprietary index data in-place methodology and patented,[1] fast-as-you-type keyword and Boolean search technology.

Network File Shares
The X1 Enterprise Collect Network File Scanner™, enables an organization to index TBs of data on large, network file shares, and perform the same type of rapid, iterative search and targeted collection as on your enterprise endpoints.

Cloud Data Sources
X1’s proprietary cloud connectors enable the extension of our patented in-place indexing capabilities of X1 Enterprise Collect to Microsoft 365, including MS Teams and other cloud data sources. X1’s platform enhances targeted data collection well beyond what other high-cost, “bulk export” cloud connector solutions can provide.

Key Benefits
Reduce eDiscovery Collection Costs by up to 90%
Avoid over-collection and eliminate unnecessary data processing, storage, and review costs by precisely knowing responsive data volumes and keyword statistics prior to initiating collection…and only collect what you need.

Immediate Visibility into Responsive Data at the Endpoint
X1’s index-at-the-endpoint and patented search technology enables you to rapidly and iteratively conduct in-place data assessment across thousands of devices including on or off-network laptops and large network file shares.

Targeted Search and Collection of Cloud Data Sources
Powered by our index-in-place technology, X1 enables an optimized approach that allows organizations to perform iterative search and targeted collection of cloud data sources while all of the data remains in the cloud – X1’s approach drastically reduces costs by eliminating ongoing and unnecessary mass bulk data exports, throttling issues, and more.

Lightning-Fast Collection Enables Increased Speed to Review
Rapid and remote collection of relevant case data measured in minutes and hours instead of days and weeks; with seamless, one-click integration into Relativity or export into the review platform of your choice.

Improved Case Strategy and Defensibility
Rapid Early Case Assessment (ECA) unlocked by gaining visibility into responsive search terms and analytics before collection, enables improved case strategy and a repeatable, documented and defensible process.

Global Scalability of your eDiscovery Process
Whether implemented onsite or hosted in the cloud, enables centralized and secure search and collection across all of your global data sources to include laptops, desktops, file shares, mail stores and cloud repositories.

Operationalize your Modern eDiscovery Process with X1
The key to achieving a modern eDiscovery workflow process starts with targeted in-place data discovery with X1. Implementing the right technology solution with targeted collection methods to effectively streamline the process eradicates the need for traditional eDiscovery methods which are inherently slow and
antiquated as they rely on over-broad collection techniques (e.g., full-disk imaging), and lengthy, siloed processing stages that result in large volumes of unnecessary data and significantly drive up eDiscovery costs.

X1 Enterprise Collect enables users to truly operationalize a modern eDiscovery workflow. With X1, you can employ a faster, defensible, and more efficient process that exponentially reduces costs, and dramatically compresses time to resolution.

X1’s eDiscovery solutions are offered fully-hosted in the cloud, hosted in your own environment, or our team of legal and technology experts can help do it for or with you.



X1 Enterprise Collect for Microsoft 365

The industry’s fastest and most comprehensive search and collection solution for MS 365

X1 Enterprise Collect, powered by X1’s proprietary[1] index-in-place technology, is the only data discovery solution in the industry that enables you to perform lightning-fast, federated, and highly targeted, custodian-based search and collection of both on-premise and cloud-based data sources including the full MS 365 suite of Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Mail, as well as remote laptops, desktops and large network file-shares.

X1 has taken a completely unique and revolutionary approach to data discovery in MS 365 that industry analysts state “even surpasses in many respects Microsoft’s own Premium Purview services”.[2]

Unlike X1, Microsoft relies upon a technology approach that Special Master Phillip Favro, appointed by a federal district court for Deal Genius, LLC vs. O2Cool, LLC, reported, “Microsoft 365 has technological limitations that may not allow a responding party to generate reliable search results—as would typically be possible with an electronic discovery platform that has a fully indexed database and an advanced search engine”.[3]

And while other 3rd party solutions simply integrate their “cloud connectors” via Microsoft’s own Search and eDiscovery API’s, which result in the same if not greater limitations in the fidelity of their search results and data throughput constraints, X1 has taken a completely different approach. Our direct integration, proprietary eDiscovery index-engine, index-data-in-place methodology, and advanced search and collection capabilities, bypass those restrictions to enable significantly faster and much more comprehensive MS 365 support.

Here are just some of the key advantages realized with X1 Enterprise Collect:

• Unified and federated search across the enterprise
• True ECA insight at the point of collection
• Enhanced scalability and automation with no premium E5 license required
• Superior data throughput capabilities
• Advanced and automated MS Teams support
• Highly targeted collections eliminating overcollection
• and much more….

X1’s unique approach and proprietary technology enables organizations to reduce eDiscovery costs by 90% or more by avoiding overcollection and accelerating your data discovery process to get targeted, fully-defensible results in hours vs. weeks or months.

X1 Enterprise Collect: The Direct Approach to Collect from MS 365

X1 Enterprise Collect for MS 365 Workflow


Only X1 Enterprise Collect can fully unlock the following key capabilities and benefits:

X1 Enterprise Collect for MS 365 Capabilities

Why X1 Enterprise Collect vs. Microsoft Purview or other 3rd party cloud connector solutions?

X1 is the only solution available that provides true index-in-place capabilities distributed throughout the enterprise, and in the form of a unified, simultaneous, and federated search and collection technology for all data your sources.

From an eDiscovery performance, time, and cost perspective, Microsoft Purview Premium’s documentation reports 2GB per hour throughput limitations leading to the inability to address anything other than small matters in a timely manner, rendering it virtually unusable for day-to-day eDiscovery requirements and workflow. Because of X1’s direct integration approach to MS 365 and proprietary technology which bypasses these constraints, only X1 can offer the throughput, scalability and fidelity required by corporate legal departments and the law firms and service providers who support them. Our clients inform us that for their eDiscovery, investigation, and information governance matters, X1 by far presents the best option at significantly less cost than
full Purview premium licensing or platforms that are subject to the same performance constraints.

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To learn more about unified search and collection across both on-prem and cloud data sources with the X1 Enterprise Collect platform solution including the full suite of MS 365 connectors, download the X1 Enterprise Collect Platform product brief and contact us at sales@x1.com or complete the form to schedule a demo.

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