X1 Social Discovery Integration with Relativity Proves to Be Game Changing in Several High Stakes Matters

By John Patzakis
July 18, 2023

Social media is a critical source of relevant evidence in nearly every legal matter. However, most tools collect such evidence using print/screenshot methods that generate flat file images that cannot be effectively displayed and analyzed in reviewSocial Media Investigations platforms. Law firms and other litigants faced a critical but previously unmet requirement for social media data to be displayed and reviewed in Relativity in its native format and parsed so that each individual Facebook post, Tweet or Instagram is displayed as a record in Relativity, with its own associated metadata, photos, indexed text and in-line comments. This allows for the individual Facebook or Instagram posts, Tweets, etc. to be searched, filtered, tagged, and reviewed at the post level, with all associated metadata and comments inline. This also enables the native Relativity AI analytics tools to be applied to this social media data, which is impossible when imported as mere flat file image screenshots. X1 has solved this critical challenge.

With Relativity and RelativityOne being the industry-leading review platform on the market, X1 sought to streamline the export process from X1 Social Discovery to Relativity to provide an efficient and scalable workflow for the abundant eDiscovery and investigations customer base. X1’s game changing social media and web-based data collection solution, X1 Social Discovery, offers the ability to collect and search data from popular social media platforms (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), websites, and email utilizing a truly unique approach. X1 Social Discovery’s innovative Relativity integration has uniquely provided the ability collect social media and webpages in their native format at the object (post) level with associated metadata, photos, and in-line comments intact, allowing for individual import for review in RelativityOne as individual records. Social Discovery is the only eDiscovery solution today that enables Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social media data to be displayed in Relativity at the post level, where each post is an individual record.

In contrast, the alternatives are web plug-in tools that generate flat file image PDFs as its final output. So, if there are 30 social media posts that are in a feed, a single monolithic image PDF will be generated as the collection output. These bulk screenshots are of very limited value as they are not collected in native format, retain no post-level metadata, and are not searchable (absent a secondary and inferior OCR process). This output is practically useless for a review platform (as the entire output is one object).

The X1 Social Discovery Relativity Integration has been successfully utilized throughout multiple organizations including large corporate legal departments, government agencies and law firms for evidentiary purposes within investigations and compliance related matters.

In a recent case that provides a great representative illustration, one of the Top 50 Law Firms in the U.S. was able to successfully use this integration in an employment class action to import over 20,000 Facebook Group posts and other social media items collected by X1 Social Discovery seamlessly into Relativity without any manual processing steps. During the review, they were able, thanks to X1 importing all items as native objects with preserved metadata, inline comments and extracted text to search, filter and review all the social media items in Relativity. The attorneys and paralegals were able to quickly and easily view all the pieces of a particular post together giving them a comprehensive understanding of the social media content. This capability led to a successful outcome that would simply be impossible without X1 Social Discovery.

To see this critical and unique functionality in X1 Social Discovery v7, please watch our product tour on-demand. Alternatively, we would welcome the opportunity to brief you and your colleagues directly.