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Relativity and X1: Joint Legal Whitepaper on ESI Collection Best Practices

Relativity eDiscovery attorney David Horrigan discusses full-disk imaging as a disfavored collection practice in civil litigation.


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Massive Data Centralization for MS 365 Does Not Work for Enterprise eDiscovery and Information Governance Workflows

By John Patzakis and Charles Meier CIOs and legal and compliance executives often aspire to implement information governance programs like defensible deletion, data migration, and data audits to detect risks …


X1 Expands Cutting Edge MS 365 Support With Very High and Unmatched Throughput Capabilities

Earlier this year, X1 launched MS 365 data connectors to our X1 Enterprise Collect platform to provide a previously unmet critical need for enterprises to conduct cost-efficient yet highly scalable eDiscovery search …


An Estimated 500,000 Litigation Matters Involved Social Media Evidence in the Past 12 Months

As we have mentioned many times, nearly every litigation matter involves social media evidence. If your case does not feature such important evidence, it is likely because you are not …


Best Evidence Rule Requires Post-Level Collection for Social Media Evidence

The Best Evidence Rule, as codified in Federal Rule of Evidence 1002, provides that an original writing, recording, or photograph is required to prove the contents of the document. This …


Special Master Determines Microsoft Purview Does Not Comply With FRCP 26(g) Due to Unreliable and Incomplete Search Results

Recently, Special Master Phillip Favro appointed by a federal district court in a pending case Deal Genius, LLC vs. O2Cool, LLC, 21 C20156, (N.D. IL) issued a published report with …