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X1 Distributed GRC is the only software that gives organizations the capability to access, analyze and act upon data in just minutes on an individual’s computer and company networks for the purpose of complying with internal policies, data audits and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR.

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Access, Analyze and Act upon Data

For the first time ever, legal and IT teams can now instantly assess data and actually test search terms, across end users, including desktops, laptops, file servers, cloud repositories, and other enterprise data sources, all prior to collection.


X1 Precisely Targets Data

Instant Data Insight

X1 transforms an organization’s existing compliance abilities by providing instant insight into not only the attributes but also the content of user data, empowering fundamentally faster decisions and resolutions.


Ability to Process Email Containers

X1 Distributed GRC is the only solution that eliminates the need to transfer entire email containers such as PSTs by allowing the identification, preservation, or deletion of individual messages in place on a custodian’s computer.


User Review

For the first time in the industry, X1 has created an automated way for an organization’s employees to personally review their own data in place and impact its outcome during the compliance audit process, if a project merits it.


Data Migration and Audit

X1's data audit review capability lets compliance teams assign workflow to end users to review, analyze and recommend disposition for compliance consideration.


Whitepapers & Briefs

Retail Company Proactively Safeguards Sensitive Data from Unauthorized Environments

The audit and compliance teams of a leading retail company, known for its rapidly increasing revenue from online sales, saved thousands of hours searching and identifying personal information across desktops, laptops and servers at industry leading speed using X1 Distributed GRC.

X1 Distributed GRC

Learn more about how X1 Distributed GRC gives legal, compliance and IT teams a fundamentally better and faster way to identify, analyze and act on data in place, at the desktop level, across the organization for eDiscovery, data audit and compliance initiatives.


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Key Benefits

Regulatory and Audit Response

Quickly identify, analyze or remediate sensitive or non-compliant information such as PII, PHI and message spillage before it becomes an issue

An Integrated Data Governance Solution

Empower data governance teams to respond to eDiscovery collections, data audit and compliance initiatives, from a single platform

Global Enterprise Scalability

Centrally search enterprise data, whether on-premise or in the cloud, from desktops, laptops, or other network sources

Blazingly Fast Search Technology

Benefit from X1’s patented search technology to centrally search distributed end-points in minutes, with precision and accuracy

Early Insight into Data

Gain instant visibility into data residing directly on end-users’ computers, early in the process

Streamlined Processes

Transform workflows with a faster and more efficient approach to managing data audit and compliance requests

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